Wednesday, March 6, 2013

'Mañana' Farm Building and Garage

 The garage and farm building to 'Mañana', the E. Mortimer Barnes estate designed by Thomas Harlan Ellett c. 1914 in Old Brookville.  Click HERE for more on 'Mañana' and HERE for more on the garage/farm building.  Photos courtesy of James Hogarty.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dovecote details and brickwork. The mature landscaped setting and age cetainly have added to the beauty of the complex.

Kellsboro Jack said...

Thanks to James Hogarty for the pictures (Zach, too, for posting them) as I would not have expected the brick patina we see now compared to the architectural plates of before.

It was - in my view - more suggestive of a stucco or even fully white washed exterior.

A lot of great detail work that catches the eye without being overworked. As the Japanese would say 'surface excitement'.

Anonymous said...

Contemplating this 'Mañana' posting, as I do all your postings, have triggered in me a catharsis, a remedy, for what I'll nickname 'Gold Coast fever', thus allowing a timely, bittersweet, poignant, and tender capitulation of the inevitable victory to those dedicated agents of expansionist homogeneity, and all that the indistinguishable. The mundane wins out, the outstanding is shunned. Flexibility is pushed aside by compressed uniformity.

Just Bing a flyover of the neighborhood today. Isn't it just like The Grand Tour of world capitals, the Famous® Original®, Las Vegas, or 'On This Very Spot Once Stood A Replica Of A Bronze Placard To Commemorate Something Renowned.
We are lead to believe with death comes renewal. What are Morning-glory and Marigold to Artemisia and Ambrosia (Mugwort and Ragweed)? Thank you.
Anonymous (Me)

lil' gay boy said...

This never fails to make me sick...

...years ago, when I first moved into the area (2 blocks away) there were two other apartments available -- one in the servants wing of a house down the road on the corner of Chicken Vally Road, and one in this garage.

The first was way too small for Nana's antiques, and some person (I don't know who; I always referred to s/he as "rat-faced bastard") got the one in the garage the day before -- I never even got to see the interior.

However I did wind up with the world's best landlord for 16 years!

Anonymous said...

Does the main house still stand?

Zach L. said...

^ Yes it does. If you click the links I provide you will see it.