Monday, May 13, 2013


 'Longfields', the William Payne Thompson Jr. estate designed by Carrere & Hastings c. 1910 in Old Westbury.  The estate was inherited by Thompson's nephew William Payne Thompson Preston Sr. in the early 1930s and these photos are courtesy of his daughter, Elizabeth Preston Hutchings.  The estate was sold to Ambrose Clark in the 1940s and the house was eventually demolished so Clark could incorporate the property into his adjacent estate 'Broad Hollow House'.  Click HERE for more on 'Longfields' and HERE to see the estate ruins as they look today.


The Down East Dilettante said...

How kind of Mrs. Hutchings to share them. These are marvelous, and give an excellent idea of the building. Although officially French in style, in these pictures one is reminded of a classical Swedish or Russian manor house.

The garden temple is terrific

Anonymous said...

aerial pic


The Ancient said...

I see that garden pavilion was called a "Studio."

Anyone know anything about how it was used?

Walkover said...

Well done Zach. This exceeds your usual firststring posts. DED's sentiment regarding Mrs. Hutchings is mine as well.
I couldn't help wondering if the good lady knows if even rarer images of Ivy Hall. exist somewhere. Ralph J. Preston would be her grandfather, I think, which would, in that event, make it a late double, odds-against jolly.

Anonymous said...

If I may respond on behalf of my mother, let me answer a couple of questions.

The Studio was used as a private sanctuary where Preston family members would go to read and draw/paint.

The kitchen was in the basement of the house and a dumb waiter was used to ferry the food to the dining room, bedrooms and the first floor when entertaining outside. The staff lived on the top floor of the house.

My mother has no knowledge of any photos from Ivy Hall.


George Hutchings