Tuesday, July 2, 2013


'Loewmoor', originally the Charles Albert Stevens estate c. 1896 named 'Annondale' and subsequently owned by Charles Tracey Barney and then William Goadby Loew with 1934 alterations by Walker & Gillette in Old Westbury.  Click HERE for more on the estate which has since been demolished.  Photo from the Aiglon Archives.


Old Grey Dog said...

William Goadby Loew, whose father-in-law was the great George F. Baker, summered at 'Stoneacre' in Newport. Likewise demolished, it stood on Bellevue Avenue south of 'Vernon Court'. Loew was a member of the Reading Room, Clambake, Spouting Rock Beach Association ( Bailey's Beach ), and Newport Country clubs. His winter addresses were at 262 Madison Avenue and Old Westbury.
By the way, his Newport phone number was 259 ~ these days it would be 401-847-0259, but I doubt that you would find him at home.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how long it must have taken the gardeners of these big estates to keep these massive lawns manicured with the old type of mower.