Wednesday, July 31, 2013

'Villa Carola'

'Villa Carola', the Isaac Guggenheim estate designed by Howard Van Buren Magonigle c. 1916 in Sands Point.  Click HERE and HERE for more on 'Villa Carola'.  Photo from the Ryerson & Burnham Archive at the Art Institute of Chicago.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Ever amazing, and wonderfully preserved.

Oh, did someone say 'preservation'? Speaking of Inisfada, in case anyone missed this very interesting article in yesterday's Times:

In it, Mayor Natiss continues to reveal himself as a boob, a species we Mainers recognize easily these days as our Governor, considered the second worst in the nation, continues to be allowed to talk publicly...Mayor Natiss' tone has a too-familiar ring...

I notice that someone somewhere in the comments to another Inisada article mentioned attempts to stave off demolition by getting the house listed on the National Register. Someday public seminars need to be given to explain what a National Register does for the preservation of a building accomplishes for preservation (hint: the short answer is 'nearly bupkiss')

The current Nicholas Brady is quoted at the end of the article. He comes across as a far smarter man than Mayor Natiss, even though his answer is not the one that people might hope for. He also shows a thorough understanding of the Church's fiduciary responsibility---which has been sidelined in the public forum.

*DED adjusts visor on pebble-proof helmet*

Zach L. said...

A developer from Hong Kong? Long Island has officially jumped the shark.

Anonymous said...

All of this heritage... slowly being destroyed...i have no words to describe what im feeling..its about the same as watching a species become extinct...once gone its lost forever, you cant get it back.
I realise most people look upon these places as a form of opulance alone....but the actual archetural heart in them is irreplaceable.