Monday, August 12, 2013

'Ormston' Aerial

An aerial of 'Ormston', the John E. Aldred estate designed by Bertram G. Goodhue between 1913-1918 in Lattingtown with outbuildings by Henry W. Rowe and landscaping by the Olmsted Brothers.  Click HERE to see a brochure from when 'Ormston' was for sale.  Click HERE to see the estate on google earth and HERE on bing.  Photo from the Aiglon Archives.


Tyngsboro said...

It was a companion Aiglon Aerial view of Ormston, from another angle, that I discovered in a book on American architecture at the library, that started my interest in Long Island estates over fifty years ago. Great photo !

The Ancient said...

A few links --

(I think every monastery should have a Tea House, don't you?)

(Not to be confused with "Jumping Jehosaphat.")

The Down East Dilettante said...

One of the best of its day. Should the order that owns this decide to sell up, we should all take up pitchforks and march to prevent its destruction---house, grounds, gardens all mostly intact and beautifully executed.