Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'Ivy Hall'

'Ivy Hall', the Ralph J. Preston estate designed by Warren & Wetmore c. 1904 in Jericho and pictured here under subsequent owner James Blackstone Taylor.  Click HERE for more on 'Ivy Hall' which has since been demolished.


Doug Floor Plan said...

Just a reminder that if you look at the aerial photograph of ‘Jericho House’ you’ll see this side of ‘Ivy Hall’ in the top right-hand corner.

wooded bliss said...

Elegant living..perfectly situated. best topography and proximities. Convenient to all.

Anonymous said...

And the ideal location for subdivisions which have obliterated this area

An observation on the next post of Kirby Hill, a neighboring estate to Ivy Hall, while the mansion was saved, why do so many of the newer houses disregard the topography of which wooded speaks of? Look at some of the super-sized walls created on those lots? why not work with the rolling hills?