Monday, March 31, 2014


'Clench-Warton', the Henry Francis Cook estate designed by Montrose W. Morris c. 1891 in North Haven.  Cook was vice-president, secretary and treasurer of the Fahys Watch Case Company, Sag Harbor.  He was also the president of the Montauk Steamboat Co. and Sag Harbor Real Estate Co. 'Clench-Warton' originally sat on roughly 1,000 acres.  The house has since been demolished but click HERE to see a still extant outbuilding.


Doug Floor Plan said...

Great looking house; the surviving outbuilding confirms Montrose W. Morris understood there is style in no particular style.

Anonymous said...

A great looking house. Montrose W Morris was a prolific architect during the late 19th C in Brooklyn NY with many fine surviving Queen Anne townhouses and elaborate free standing residential buildings in his portfolio of work to admire. archibuff

The Down East Dilettante said...

Delightfully exuberant