Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chateau des Beaux Arts

The Chateau des Beaux Arts designed by Delano & Aldrich c. 1905 in Huntington.  Click HERE and HERE for more on the Chateau des Beaux Arts which has since been demolished.

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Tyngsboro said...

Looking back at Zach's Old Long Island posting of August 9th, 2009, of this building, one has a better sense of scale due to the crowds of people on the terraces. It mentioned that this was created for the Bustanoby brothers who owned the Cafe des Beaux Arts in New York.
In Lloyd Morris' "Incredible New York", published in 1950, it reads ~ " . . . if you were entertaining a Broadway beauty and intended to 'make a splash' you gave her dinner at Martin's, or at Louis Bustanoby's Cafe des Beaux Arts, over at Sixth Avenue and Fortieth Street, restaurants celebrated not only for their impeccable cuisine but for their popularity with the notables of the Gay White Way. To break into the smart set of Broadway, as into that of Fifth Avenue, it was essential to be seen at the right places at the right time."
It will be remembered that the Cafe des Beaux Arts was frequented by Diamond Jim Brady, whose skirmishes with ten-course meals were legendary!