Wednesday, June 25, 2014


'Strongheart', the Robert Edeson residence built c. 1902 in North Haven.  Edeson was a noted stage actor who left the theatre for Hollywood in 1914 to work with Cecil B. De Mille.  His 1931 NYTimes obituary said his most famous role was in Richard Harding Davis's "Soldiers of Fortune" and that his North Haven residence was named for his performance in "Strongheart".  He was the first president of the Masquers Club and a member of the Lambs Club of New York, Dramatists of America and the Screen Artists Club.  Richard Gere was the home's most recent owner, having listed the property for sale last summer for $65 million.  'Strongheart' has been substantially enlarged, click HERE to see the residence on bing and HERE for recent photos from Newsday.

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