Wednesday, September 3, 2014

'Broadlawns' Gardens

The gardens of 'Broadlawns', the Angeline Rowan Booth residence in Kings Point.  Click HERE for more on 'Broadlawns'.


Magnuspetrie said...

This sort of "bedding out" of annuals- labor intensive to undertake and equally time consuming to keep in top shape, is wholly out of fashion today. And when done with some modicum of taste, more's the pity, especially in our hot and humid Long Island summers where the typical English style perennial border begins to look pretty moth eaten by mid July.

Tyngsboro said...

What a GREAT postcard view; fantastic coloring ! Probably from the mid-1920s judging from the runabout parked in the driveway.

Anonymous said...

Definitely miss the old style formal gardens and plating beds that surrounded many an old country house. They anchored the building to the site, defined outdoor rooms and led ones eye out toward a fountain, statue or through a pergola and down an allee.