Wednesday, October 29, 2014

'Red Gables'

'Red Gables', originally built for Josiah Lombard Jr. and Marshall Ayers c. 1887 in Southampton and pictured here under the subsequent ownership of Dr. Edward Lawrence Keyes.  Click HERE for more on 'Red Gables' pictured under the following owner, E.P. Morse.  Photo from A History of Long Island, 1905.


Doug Floor Plan said...

Good looking for Queen Anne architecture; but also a great setting for Halloween.

Also impressive is the lawn; as with 'The Dunes' yesterday I'm guessing someone pushed a hand mower across these lawns. And the following week they pushed it again.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Zach, the current look and style is ghastly. Welcome to Beverly Hills after all. What a shame. - innatestyle

Doug Floor Plan said...

Dear Anon 5:27pm – isn’t it a little early for you to have taken too much ambien?