Monday, October 13, 2014

The Louis J. Horowitz Estate

The Louis J. Horowitz estate designed by Hunt & Hunt c. 1918 in Lattingtown.  Click HERE for more on the Horowitz estate which was demolished in 1954.  Photo from the Year Book of the Architectural League of New York, 1918.


Anonymous said...

Admire the entry sequence of rooms out to the rear portico. Would love to see more of this estate.

Riderusty said...

Zach, note that the Horowitz place was the scene of a huge fire in the winter of 1954 and demolished after that. My father was a member of Locust Valley Fire Department and spent the night and the better part of the next day there. During the fire, the ceiling of the south portico fell on several firemen, injuring them. The property remained vacant until about 8-10 years ago when two McMansions were built there.

Tom Bellingham