Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Gardens of 'Nirvana'

The gardens of 'Nirvana', the William Gould Brokaw estate designed by Little & O'Connor c. 1900 in Great Neck.  Click HERE for all previous posts on 'Nirvana' which is no longer extant.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, anyone see News 12 last night and they had two estates for sale; one was in Cold Spring Harbor and I think they called it "Baglatelle" for about 5 million, and another 19 acre estate in Sands Point for 21 million.

Long Island Matt said...

The gardens aren't still around today are they? I tried looking into it and found nothing.
Thanks for keeping up with this blog (I cam across it years ago and just found it in my old saved links!)

GerryM said...

Just found your blog after finding the old buildings in NYC site. Really interesting. I hope you don't give up. But how about LI's North Shore? So, OK, it might have been more blue collar and maybe the summer cottages and bungalows were nothing to gape at, but some of them had history. And some were unique.

In fact, the two that my family built near Wildwood State Park were built from the wood, windows, and trim from old barracks that were auctioned off after WWII to make room for Idlewild Airport (now JFK and not nearly as pretty a name, frankly). In 1947-48, there were no building materials to be had due to production going only to war requirements, thus someone found out about the auction. With that my dad and several uncles went to the site, bid on 2 or 3 of the barracks, and then dismantled them board by board and window by window and hauled everything out to Wildwood. True story./glm