Wednesday, May 28, 2008


'Amincliff'' was built in 1910 for Amos Dow Carver by the firm of Tooker & Marsh and located in Locust Valley. Carver was the head of the marine supply firm of Baker, Carver & Morrell. The central hall in the house is three stories high and led one to a sun room and then outside to a formal garden which was in front of a lily pond.


Janet Galea said...

I grew up on The Knolls. The development was built in 1959, off Buckram Road. The acreage for the 15 home development was part of the Carver Estate. Our next door neighbors lived in the Carriage glad to see it here today.

Janet Mafera Galea
Former resident of
#4 The Knolls

Anonymous said...

Is this a private residence or can events be held there?