Saturday, June 7, 2008

'Sagamore Hill'

Built for the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, by Lamb and Rich c. 1884. The house is in the Queen Anne/Shingle style, and sits atop a large hill in Cove Neck, Long Island. The home served as T.R.'s summer White House, and back in his day the trees were low enough that the rear porch had a view of the cove and the Sound. In 1905 T.R. had Christopher Grant LaFarge design a trophy room addition, which is the large red room to the left of the porch in the photo above. Teddy loved this house as much as anything else in his life. He is buried nearby at Young's Cemetery. Click HERE to see Sagamore Hill on google earth.

The entryway. The front porch was risen so that one could dismount a horse right onto the porch.

If you enlarge the photo above, you will notice an inscription over the doors that leads to the porch. "Qui Plantavit Curabit" loosely translates to "He who sows shall reap", and was the Roosevelt family motto.

This windmill supplied the house with running water.

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