Sunday, June 8, 2008

Next Door

'Next Door' was originally two houses which belonged to an Inn that sat on the property which predated 'The Crossroads'.  In 1941, when W.R. Grace Jr.'s youngest daughter Patricia married Alan Corey Jr, the home was renovated into a single family residence which became their home.  Alan Corey was one of the best polo players of his day, and it made sense that he would want to live next to his father in-law, who also played polo.  Click HERE to see 'Next Door' on google earth.

The house sits very close to the Grace mansion.  The indoor tennis court forms one of the boundaries of the backyard.

This fountain originally sat in the rear of the house, but was moved when the house was renovated.  Behind the wall is a small horse stable.

A massive weeping beech tree.

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ShoreGal said...

My Grandfather,Leon Gornicki, was the head gardener at the Grace Estate until his death in 1968. I would treasure any pictures that anyone may have of the gounds. Altough my siblings and I never met the Graces, they remain a part of our family history.