Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When 'The Stonehouse / Claraben Court' Was For Sale

A brochure advertising 'Claraben Court', originally named 'The Stonehouse' and designed by Jacob Wrey Mould for yachtsman Thomas Clapham c. 1868 in Roslyn Harbor. Mould's house was in the High Victorian Gothic style but in 1905 the home was purchased by Benjamin Stern who converted the house into a classical French chateau and gave it the name 'Claraben Court'. The house suffered a major fire in the 1960's and was rebuilt to become 'Wenlo-on-the-Bay' (click HERE for more). Click HERE to see the site on google earth.

Brochure courtesy of SPLIA.

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The Down East Dilettante said...

Ironic, isn't it, to read that the basement contained a 'virtually fireproof' furnace room?