Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Charles Steele Estate

The estate of Charles Steele (originally built for J.F.D. Lanier) built by James Brown Lord c. 1891 in Old Westbury. Steele gave the house an extensive renovation after he purchased it from Lanier. Steele was a partner in the law firm of Seward, Guthrie, Morawetz & Steele. He was also a partner at J.P. Morgan and Comapny. Click HERE for more on the estate and HERE to see where it would have stood on google earth (it was demolished c. 1950).


Anonymous said...

Love the garden terraces and steps. The house looks the same as in the Lanier time - renovation on the inside or other facades I guess.

Turner Pack Rats said...

what an elegant estate - both the house and the terraced gardens. did the two towers in the sketch ever get built? kind of a whitemarsh look only half the size. great proportions. i know you are all harrie linderberg freaks, but what an abortion compared to the original. i bet granny is sorry she ever gave that ungrateful little bugger 11 acres of land. she should have disowned him instead.

security word def - "setalai" - jai alai for seniors. no moving - just set and talk about it

Anonymous said...

My wife's grandfather was the gardener and groundskeeper on the Steele estate.