Friday, May 21, 2010

'Spring Hill'

A view from the beginning of the hill at 'Spring Hill', originally the William L. Stow estate and later the Henry Carnegie Phipps estate designed by John Russell Pope c. 1903 in Old Westbury. You can just see the roofline of the stable and two of the greenhouses peaking out through the trees. Click HERE for more on 'Spring Hill'. Click HERE to visit the website for the 'Spring Hill' subdivision.


Anonymous said...

I added a historicaerial link to the Spring Hill Indoor Tennis Court, still standing -

Anonymous said...

Totality off the subject - Touched by Christian the Lion? Now we have Kwibi the Gorilla

ChipSF said...

Zach -
I have a profile now! Interesting week - as always I tried to find a theme - beautiful Knole interiors & Steele gardens, derelict Welwyn greenhouses & vanished Manor House gardens, Spring Hill landscape with greenhouses. A lot of Pratt interest too - the Pratt's did leave a wonderful legacy in the Pratt Institute (Brooklyn) and several buildings at Amherst College.
Best wishes.

ChipSF said...

I have 16 on the list now!

Zach L. said...

It's hard to do themes because much of the information I've posted on here over the last two years I have accumulated piece by piece. Many of the places that would have fit into themes have fortunately or unfortunately been posted already (in 800+ individual posts).

ChipSF said...

Understood -
It's just fun to try to pick out themes from random posts - this week - greenhouses & Pratts!

James said...

hey chip,any blogs or info comparable to this one,focusing on mansions of pacific heights,or the mid-peninsula?


ChipSF said...

James -
I haven't found any but there are some very good books focused on the peninsula -
Gabriel Moulin's "The Peninsula 1910 - 1930" and "No Sidewalks Here" by Michael Svanevik.

Check out a blog called "My Little Housing Blog" which covers estates around the world but a week or so ago it featured the "Villa Lauriston" which is rarely photographed but is for sale now. In fact, it has its own website too or sonething like that.

Anonymous said...

That is great. Chip's idea , spot the trend. Intentional or not. I really appreciate what YOU do.

ChipSF said...
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