Saturday, June 26, 2010

'Claraben Court'

A garden feature at 'Claraben Court', originally built for Thomas Clapham by Jacob Wrey Mould c. 1868 in Roslyn Harbor. The picture was taken during the time that Benjamin Stern owned the property (he purchased the estate in 1906). Click HERE for more on 'Claraben Court'.


Lorraine said...

Lovely property and grounds, and the name is just so romantic.

Turner Pack Rats said...

except as usual, the property got sold off and all those beautiful extensive gardens are now urban sprawl. really impressive place with lots of "garden follies" now either landfill or part of some stockbrokers swimming pool. altho i like the chateau better, the reincarnation isn't bad either. now, to bulldoze that shack next door and put the gardens back.

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