Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Dosoris Park'

A 1916 article from Country Life in America by Benjamin Goodrich on 'Dosoris Park', the Pratt family complex of estates at the northern end of Glen Cove, begun in 1891. All of the Pratt houses are mentioned along with the 'Oval' and stables. Click HERE for more on 'The Braes', the Herbert Pratt estate; click HERE for more on 'Welwyn', the Harold Pratt estate; click HERE for more on 'Killenworth', the George Pratt estate; click HERE for more on 'Poplar Hill', the Frederick Pratt estate; click HERE for more on 'Seamoor', the Charles M. Pratt estate; click HERE for more on 'Manor House', the John T. Pratt estate and click HERE for more on the Pratt Oval.

If you would like to enlarge the print more than is possible on here you can view the article in google books by clicking HERE.


magnus said...

Wonderful article. I highly encourage your devoted readers to put their specatcles on and read the article. Fascinating details of a fascinating family project that would begin to be dissipated less than 30 years later.

The Ancient said...

Well, money should be fun.

I especially love this: "... the excellent modern idea that the country is attractive the year-round."

Are there color pictures (or paintings) of the gardens?

Zach L. said...

Not that I have come across....yet.

ChipSF said...

Zach -
Great article tracing the development of Dosoris Park.

Anonymous said...

i am with you, it is a wonderful article and as you mention the irony of it all going south so quickly after completion. i would expect that the depression, increasing cost and shortage of labor during the second world war, and a structural increase in taxes accelerated the natural fall into full scale development