Friday, March 16, 2012


'Lenoir', the Rufus Lenoir Patterson estate designed by Grosvenor Atterbury c. 1915 in Southampton. Click HERE and HERE for more on 'Lenoir'. Click HERE to see the estate on google earth and HERE on bing.


Doug Floor Plan said...

The link to the Cocoran listing still works so I'm guessing this house at 160 Ox Pasture Road is still for sale. I notice the price has been dropped from $49.5 million to $49 million so I'm guessing the sellers aren't motivated to make a fast sell.

As I've said before, I'm already a fan of Grosvenor Atterbury & think what was & wasn't done in the restoration of this house speaks well for the owners. A nice, tall hedge can be planted to block out the view of that greenhouse from the main house.

NYarch said...

What a well preserved and well maintained home and grounds. That giant gothic greenhouse is probably a feature the owners want to see, but what is that enormous off centered circular disc on the lawn? A reflecting pool?

archibuff said...

Wow took a look at the Corcoran site and that is one beautifully maintained and impeccable estate. Doesnt look like one leaf or blade of grass is out of place. Aside from the $49M price tag it has to cost a small fortune to maintain that home and property to that level of excellence. Impressive. I would find it hard to leave.

The Ancient said...

At the current exchange rate, forty-nine million dollars will get you 9,862 HPSEs.*

That's a little more than 27 years.

(Better neighborhood, too.)
*Hassler Penthouse Suite Equivalents. Currently 3,900 euros.

The Down East Dilettante said...

I'm with Ancient on this one---there comes a point where Real estate prices cross over to sheer show off silliness.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Not that needing to spend excess money is a problem that I suffer from these days, but if it were, I can still think of better ways than those absolutely ghastly Machin 'gothick' conservatories that everybody was attaching to big houses in the 90's. It was like a skin disease epidemic. And WTF is with people with plenty of land who think that they need the chlorine scented turquoise swimming pool within diving distance of the living room sofa? Can't anyone walk to their exercise anymore?

High end taste is at an all time low.

Kellsboro Jack said...

While $49 million is quite stiff you can put that into perspective (albeit we are in a rather distorted time in history) by gazing at the impending auction of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.

On May 2 2012 Sotheby's is auctioning the painting - one four examples of the same - with a pre-auction estimate of $80M USD and speculation of it going as high as $135M.

I love art, have several lovely paintings, my grandfather was part of the Cape Ann collection of seasonal painters, and yet there is no way you can say pastel on board should be fetching anything in that realm of prices.

Give me - or let me purchase - a Grosvenor Atterbury executed stone house remotely situated on a large swath of land with no other home insight instead.

The Ancient said...

High end taste is at an all time low.

All too true. In the U.S., "high-end" now means nothing more than very, very expensive.

So many naked emperors, all in a row.

But there's another kind of "high-end," and to prove it, here are three recent, very wonderful wonderful posts by John Tackett:

Now I have no idea how much money was spent on this project by two successive owners -- it can't have been cheap -- but consider the offering price:

(At today's exchange rate, that works out to $2,532,960. Emperor's clothes included.)