Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Diego Suarez Estate Special Part 3

Three more photos of the Diego Suarez estate designed by himself c. 1952 in Brookville.  The photos were taken by estate superintendent Raymond Becker.  Click HERE and HERE for Part 1 and 2.


Doug Floor Plan said...

Great photos. Mr. Becker must have had a great affection for this place.

The foggy morning photo reminded me of how rare it is in a new house that you step out directly onto the lawn. Today there would be a stone patio outside the salon.

The worker sodding the grass steps goes a long way to telling how much work was involved. It also made me realize this house has been enlarged. In the photo the enclosed patio wraps around the end; but if you look at the Bing aerials it doesn't because a room matching the main house has been built (since this is the service wing I'm guessing the kitchen has been enlarged). The grass steps have been straightened & moved closer to the pool, also redesigned to remove the diving board & add a spa.

Still, impressive preservation by the owner.

Magnuspetrie said...

I've fallen in love with this house.

Zach: Is a floor plan available? Failing that If Lance Becker would be kind enough, I would greatly appreciate any memory he might have of the layout. I'd also be most interested to know how large the staff was. The immaculate grounds suggest a fairly substantial crew under what was clearly his father's gimlet eye.