Monday, April 6, 2015

'Claraben Court' Garden

The garden at 'Claraben Court', originally built as 'The Stonehouse' by Jacob Wrey Mould for Thomas Clapham c. 1868 in Roslyn Harbor and pictured here under subsequent owner Benjamin Stern.  Click HERE and HERE for more on 'Claraben Court'.


Doug Floor Plan said...

I'm guessing this is the earliest of the posted photographs because in the others (including "When Claraben Court Was For Sale") there is a white statue centered in the free-standing columns. The garden, columns, & statue are gone now -- replaced by a neighbor's house & a row of trees to block the view of said neighbor's garage doors. Here it is on Bing:

I like the windmill in the postcard -- a reminder that all is not being done by magic.

Glen said...

Carraige House/Garage is extant as a private residence on Glenwood Rd.

Anonymous said...

Wenlo on the bay must reference owner Dr. Wendell Hughes, prominent eye surgeon.