Friday, January 26, 2018

'Claraben Court'

'Claraben Court', the Benjamin Stern estate originally built for Thomas Clapham c. 1868 by Jacob Wrey Mould in Roslyn Harbor.  Click HERE and HERE for more on 'Claraben Court'.


lil' gay boy said...


Happy belated 10th!

Unknown said...

Hopefully there will always be more historical content and new photos and drawings to add to this fantastic blog on Long Island architecture.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone still visits, but I was just at Old Westbury, and on a display they had in the house, stated the Knole has been demolished. Also noticed, that beautiful three story, (I guess it would be considered a Colonial),that was north of the mansion, at the end of the ally, (I think it was the Hawxhurst estate), has also been demolished. "Templeton II" on I.U.Willets and has been torn down, and it doesn't look like they started to build anything yet.

I also see "Erchless" is up for sale...hope is doesn't suffer the same fate.

dong said...